Event Management

NTU Open House

Revolutionizing NTU Open House 2022: MJD Pro Group’s Virtual Innovation

MJD Pro Group was honoured to orchestrate the NTU Open House 2022, introducing a revolutionary virtual event format. Tasked by NTU, we crafted an innovative solution that transformed traditional open house experiences.

Introducing a Metaverse Platform

We unveiled a custom metaverse platform, allowing attendees to virtually traverse NTU’s campus. This immersive 3D environment enabled real-time interactions with faculty and student representatives. Participants explored iconic landmarks and engaged in dynamic Q&A sessions, all from their homes.

Live Stream Services Connect Globally

Our live streaming services connected NTU’s event to a worldwide audience. Featuring keynote speeches and panel discussions, the broadcasts were crystal-clear. Interactive features like live polls and chat rooms fostered a vibrant online community among attendees.

Seamless Event Management

Managing this vast virtual event demanded meticulous organization. Our all-encompassing approach covered technical setups, content creation, and participant support. We collaborated with various NTU departments, ensuring content was both engaging and representative of the university’s diverse offerings.

Setting a New Benchmark

The NTU Open House 2022 set unprecedented achievements, drawing attendees globally. Feedback highlighted the virtual platform’s ease of use and comprehensive information access as significant advantages. This success illustrates the virtual event’s potential to offer rich, accessible experiences.

Looking to the Future

The triumph of NTU Open House 2022 inspires MJD Pro Group to further push virtual event boundaries. Our commitment to innovation and creating meaningful, accessible experiences is stronger than ever. We anticipate more opportunities to lead in the evolving landscape of virtual and hybrid events, continuing to make each one unforgettable.


In conclusion, the success of NTU Open House 2022, orchestrated by MJD Pro Group, showcases our commitment to redefining the future of virtual university events. Our bespoke metaverse platform and comprehensive live streaming services not only facilitated a ground-breaking exploration of NTU’s campus but also connected a global community, proving the immense potential of virtual formats. As we reflect on this achievement, we’re fuelled by the positive feedback and inspired to continue innovating. MJD Pro Group remains dedicated to leveraging technology to create immersive, engaging experiences that transcend traditional boundaries and bring educational opportunities to participants worldwide. Contact us now for your virtualized event!