Event Management

ISOS 2022

MJD Pro Group Elevates ISOS 2022 with Premier Event Management Services

In 2022, MJD Pro Group played a pivotal role in the success of the International Surgical Oncology Symposium (ISOS) at the National University Hospital (NUH). This partnership aimed to enhance surgical oncology by sharing research and discussing advancements in surgery and patient care.

Forging a Partnership for Excellence

Our collaboration with NUH on ISOS 2022 was grounded in a mutual commitment to advance surgical oncology. MJD Pro Group applied its vast event management expertise to exceed symposium expectations.

Delivering Comprehensive Event Solutions

We offered tailored services for ISOS 2022, ensuring a seamless symposium:

  • Technical Production: We provided advanced audio-visual technology for clear presentations, enhancing both in-person and virtual attendee engagement.
  • Event Logistics and Management: Our team managed all symposium logistics, from speaker coordination to session flow, ensuring a focus on content and networking.
  • Virtual Platform Integration: A robust virtual platform enabled global participation, featuring live streaming and interactive sessions, making the symposium accessible worldwide.
  • Health and Safety Protocols: We prioritized participant wellbeing with strict health protocols, creating a safe symposium environment.

Celebrating a Successful Symposium

ISOS 2022 was a triumph, celebrated for its innovative presentations and effective hybrid format. Attendee feedback commended the organization and technical quality, underscoring MJD Pro Group’s role in the symposium’s success.

Looking to the Future

The accomplishments of ISOS 2022 have raised the bar for medical symposiums. We’re eager for future opportunities to contribute to medical knowledge and patient care improvements, furthering the fight against cancer.


In summary, MJD Pro Group’s involvement in ISOS 2022 at NUH demonstrated our unmatched event management expertise, significantly contributing to the symposium’s success. By providing advanced technical solutions, meticulous logistical planning, and comprehensive health measures, we ensured a seamless and impactful experience for all participants. This collaboration highlighted our dedication to supporting the medical community and advancing the field of surgical oncology. Contact us now to consult on your next big thing!