Event Management


MJD Pro Group Leads Event Management for Ground breaking Genetics of Brain Disorders Conference 2022

MJD Pro Group proudly took the lead in managing the GBDS 2022 conference, marking a significant moment for both our team and the scientific community. This essential conference united top researchers, clinicians, and academics, diving deep into the genetic foundations of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Our mission was to provide a seamless, engaging, and fruitful experience for all participants, a goal we achieved through our blend of innovation, precision, and passion.

Web Creation: A Digital Gateway

Recognizing the crucial role of an online presence, we developed a comprehensive conference website. This digital hub was not just informational but interactive, aiming to captivate potential attendees from their initial visit. It featured a detailed schedule, speaker bios, session abstracts, and facilitated online registration with customized options. A pre-event forum allowed for early discussions, ensuring attendees could maximize their event experience before, during, and after the conference.

Event Management: Seamless Experience

As the event managers, MJD Pro Group managed all aspects of the conference organization. Our tasks ranged from logistical arrangements and scheduling to on-site support. We selected and prepared the venue, coordinated accommodations, and implemented health and safety protocols. This comprehensive management ensured that the focus remained on the content and collaboration goals of the conference.

Technical Production: Enhancing Accessibility

We provided full technical production services to match the conference’s innovative content with top-notch presentation technology. High-quality audio-visual setups, live streaming, and professional post-production services ensured that the conference reached a worldwide audience, making the information accessible and engaging.

The GBDS 2022 conference became a keystone event for sharing ground-breaking research and fostering international collaboration in understanding brain disorders. Through our dedicated event management, web creation, and technical services, MJD Pro Group played a crucial role in the conference’s success, contributing to the advancement of genetics and brain health research.

We’re honoured to support such significant scientific endeavours and are excited to facilitate future events that push the boundaries of understanding in this vital field. Contact us now for your next big event!